The NU Token

The NU Token is the life blood of our decentralized multiplayer infrastructure. It ensures that our platform remains reliable and provides the NU ecosystem with its own demand and self sustainability.

NU tokens can be used for developers to subscribe to our robust Multiplayer Infrastructure on a multitude of devices and form factors. This results in lower costs and massive time savings thereby allowing developers to focus on making great games while we handle the infrastructure and complexity.

Service Providers are also required to use Nu Tokens as their stake in order to contribute to our ultra fast infrastructure. By doing this Service Providers are more likely to provide a reliable service as the verification system will charge them penalties if they do not. These penalties will be shared amongst the verifiers which can be Active Clients or fellow Service Providers.

A Unique Mining Process

The Platform features two exciting ways to mine tokens.

  1. Become a Service Provider and contribute to the infrastructure by sharing your unused bandwidth and processing power.
  2. Connect your wallet to your gaming account to become an Active Client and earn tokens as you play games by helping to verify Service Providers.

Service Providers

The role of the Service Provider is to rent their unused bandwidth and processing power by contributing to our multiplayer infrastructure. Service Providers will get rewarded with NU Tokens. In order to verify uptime, Service Providers will randomly check whether other random Service Providers are online. Dishonest or badly performing nodes will pay a penalty that will be awarded to the verifiers.

Active Clients

Active Clients are gamers that choose to link their wallet to their gaming accounts. Their role is to provide a second level of verification for Service Providers by “complaining”. If a Service Provider receives enough complaints, they will be penalized reputation as well as NU Tokens from their stake. This process helps strengthen the NU infrastructure stronger, enriches the NU ecosystem and incentivizes gamers!

NU Integration

NU can be integrated into Unity for 3D, 2D, VR, Holographic and AR games. It will be easy to configure and simple to integrate with our simple to use, free package which will be available on the Unity asset store. It will also leverage Unity's amazing multi platform capabilities and will be compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and more.

We are considering integration with Unreal Engine and would like to hear your feedback. If you would like to express interest please Contact Us.


  • Two ways to mine tokens, by playing games or sharing resources.
  • Easy to integrate Unity Asset that will be available on the Unity Asset Store.
  • Automatic player migration during a catastrophe or realtime scaling.
  • Decentralized and resilient.


  • Host a custom esports tournament easily on the NU infrastructure.
  • Spend less time on complicated multiplayer integration and more time on creativity.
  • Orchestration protocol matches developers with service providers with custom criteria.
  • Blockchain controlled.

Use Cases

We intend to use the NU platform for our own game development. If we are to expect other developers to integrate NU into their own games then we should not expect any less for our own games. The following games are our intended flagship title releases that will have NU multiplayer integration.


Realtime & Turnbased

Complete with sandy storms and hazy mists experience Mars as one of the first colonists in this truly realistic Holographic and VR experience.



Play your favourite casino game with friends and strangers alike. As an added bonus learn how to card cards in this immersive experience.



Annihilate zombies with friends as they try to overrun your living room using weapons and traps in this first-person style holographic shooter.