Company Milestones

    • Evil Badger Company Registration
    • Release of Wood Smash 3D on iOS and Android
    • Release of El Mirador on iOS and Android with Cardboard VR support
    • Expansion to Holographic and VR Research & Development for applications, gaming and entertainment
    • Experimentation of .netcore viability for multiplayer server functionality
    • Research into current Hosted Multiplayer Framework Solutions
    • Research Optimization code for Dark Experiences on VR & Holo
    • UDP and RUDP library experimentations
    • Zombie Mocap Development
    • Spatial Mapping Implementation for HoloZombies
    • Network Units Service Provider Application Proof of Concept Development
    • Bled of State Political Fighting Game Release to iOS and Android.
    • Initial Smart Contract Development for Verification Reputation
    • Network Units Framework Proof of Concept Demo Release
    • Acquire more Programmers as Contractors and/or Staff
    • UDP and RUDP library conversions to .netcore
    • Viability Studies of TCP integration
    • Initial Smart Contract Development for Active Client Verification
    • Initial Smart Contract Development for Masternode Staking
    • Initial Release of Service Provider Application
    • Release Network Units Unity Asset with initial Real Time Action Networking functionality
    • Blockchain Storage and Database viability research
    • Flagship Title Release
    • Full Integration of RUDP and TCP protocols
    • Flagship Title Release
    • Next Phase Release of Network Units Unity Asset with TCP and or RUDP functionality
    • Flagship Title Release