The Future of Multiplayer

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Network Units in the Press

Multiplayer Decentralized

Network Units (NU) is a decentralized worldwide collaboration of computing power.

By allowing gamers and service providers to participate in our unique mining process, we will create an ultra-fast, blockchain controlled multiplayer infrastructure rentable by developers.

The Problems

  • Plenty of computing resources and bandwidth on PC's and servers remain unused.
  • Writing your own network code and managing your own servers can be complicated, time consuming and expensive.
  • Without interesting incentivization gamers can quickly get bored of a potentially great game.
  • Cheating or broken matchmaking mechanics ruin entire gaming communities resulting in lost revenue.
  • Limited infrastructure at game launch can turn a good game into a failure.

Solved or Improved by NU

  • Network Units leverages these unused resources for it's multiplayer infrastructure.
  • With NU developers can be freed of having to write complicated network code and the infrastructure that drives it for a reduced cost.
  • Network Units is unique as it rewards gamers that connect their wallets to their gaming accounts.
  • The NU Framework has a built in reputation system to improve fairness and help prevent cheating.
  • The NU Platform can seamlessly migrate players to larger servers.

Network Units Crowdsale

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Public Token Presale Details

Presale Bonus Multiplier

Unlocked in Phases after Crowdsale finishes

Token Crowdsale Details

Crowdsale Bonuses

Token Generation Info

An Ethereum Smart Contract is used to generate NU tokens instantly upon receiving ETH and transferred to the contributor’s wallet. Presale bonus tokens are unlocked in phases after the Main Crowdsale. Tokens are non transferrable until the Crowdsale ends.
If the Crowdsale minimum is not met our smart contract will issue refunds minus costs. Presale contributions are non refundable.